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POMONE Paris offers premium and natural cosmetic products based on the power of the apple. Formulas at the cutting edge of the cosmetic technology, free from controversial ingredients for a safe and healthy beauty guaranteed by a pharmacist toxicologist.


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Made in France

We manufacture our products in France with the greatest care. Proximity ensures proper monitoring of our standards and guarantees traceability.


We are ardently developing our expertise in the cosmetic properties of apples and are in dialogue with apple producers and processors.

Ethical and responsible brand

Our flagship ingredient, the apple, is a local resource that does not plunder biodiversity. We favor French origin and the organic label for our ingredients, glass for our jars and bottles and cardboard from sustainably managed forests for our cases.

Natural, vegan, clean formulas We apply a demanding formulation charter based on ingredients and active ingredients of natural origin and preferably organic. We exclude ingredients of animal origin and ban controversial ingredients for safe and healthy beauty

Plural beauty

Our flagship ingredient, the apple, is a local resource that does not plunder biodiversity. We have experienced different visions of beauty, we are committed to a plural beauty.

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6 December 2021

I have an order to make. I love your products.

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