Clean Beauty

Clean beauty * comes to us from the United States and independent brands who wanted to reassure consumers about the safety of their formulas by going beyond FDA (food and drug administration) regulations. The initial clean beauty approach aimed to come closer to European cosmetic regulations, which are one of the most severe in the world, by imposing, for each formula, a health certificate by a sworn toxicologist.

For POMONE Paris, clean beauty is available through a demanding formulation charter, the preference given to organic, local, co-produced ingredients, without animal origin, with no identified impact on biodiversity and the rejection of certain controversial ingredients even if they are authorized. by Europe.

In a clean beauty approach, the formulas do not remain fixed and are intended to evolve towards ever healthier and safer compositions according to the evolution of scientific data.

The packaging is also part of the clean beauty process. POMONE Paris has chosen to use glass, an inert and recyclable material, for its jars and bottles and cardboard from sustainably managed forests for its cases.

In addition, it is useful to remember that the issue of cruelty to animals is not part of European clean beauty, since tests on animals have been prohibited since 2004 by European cosmetic regulations.

* Healthy beauty

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